Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

✔️ CNFT Reveal
✔️ Initiate Twitter posting
✔️ Setup a Discord community
✔️ Website sneak peeks/softlaunch
✔️ Establish lore

Q2 2022

✔️ Lore Updates
✔️ WEN Gif drop (test mint)
✔️ First Ad3v1s CNFT drop
      2,500 CNFT
      60 ADA each
      Includes 19 1/1 Signature Pieces*
      Cyborgs called "Devils"
✔️ Verified in marketplaces

Q3 2022 Onwards

✔️ Saber Council Token for early adopters
      Gets you the Saber Council role for an exclusive chat channel in the Discord.
      Access to early sneak peeks channel.
      Possible exclusive collectible artworks in the future (via airdrop or free mint).
✔️ Microchip claim

🔲 Ad3v1s Devils Upgrades/Evolution via Microchips
      There will be 2 or more microchip drops (tentative)
      Total supply TBA.
      Multiple tiers with different uses:
        - Add traits if the Devil has "None" traits
        - Evolve a trait or multiple traits
        - Evolve the whole artwork
      New artwork will be called an Archdevil and will be under a different policy.
      Sample/sneakpeek artworks Archdevil artworks will be shown July.

🔲 Lore Updates
🔲 Further development info still in the lab.
🔲 Bridging Realities plans:
      Physical Merch (wearables, toys, figures, pc accessories)
        - Items can be owner-exclusive (must own a Devil or Nephilim to purchase
          the limited edition items).
        - Profit sharing for holders. Any items we sell will have a percentage
          from the profits that will be given back to Devils or Nephilim holders
          as royalties.
      Expanded lore or a graphic novel.

🔲Second Ad3v1s CNFT drop
      X,XXX CNFT
      XX ADA each
      Includes XX signature pieces
      Robots called "Nephilim"

[To be Updated]