Project Info & FAQs

0. What is Ad3v1s?
We are a Cardano-based NFT collection.First drop, "Devils", is a 2,500-pc collection which includes 19 one-off (1/1) signature pieces by participating artists.


1. What is the total supply?

2,500 with 19 1/1 signature pieces from 10 different artists. A total of 2,500 pieces will be included in the first drop. Some NFTs are reserved for giveaways/collabs.

2. What was the mint price?

60 ADA. 1/tx.

3. Are there royalties?

Yes, 3% on secondary sales. Royalties will be used to further develop the project/roadmap. Royalties on 1/1 signature pieces will go directly to the artist that made it.

4. When was the mint date?

Whitelist: June 11, 3PM UTC
Public: June 12, 3PM UTC

5. Ad3v1s Roadmap?

Check our Homepage. Roadmap page still in the works.

6. Was there a whitelist?

Yes. Both @Sabers and @Marionettes are entitled for (1) Ad3v1s mint. Sabers are capped to 100 members, Marionettes to 400. We also offer address whitelist via collabs with other projects. There are 2000 or more NFTs that will be available for public mint.

7. Roles Info

@Artist  :  Participating artists for the Ad3v1s drop
@Admin  :  Server moderators & Community Managers
@Devils: Verified Devils drop holders
@Devil Lords: Verified 11+ Devils holder
@Devil Kings: Verified 21+ Devils holder
@Devil Gods: Verified 31+ Devils holder
@Devil Pantheon: Verified 1/1 Devils holder
@Sabers  :  Holds a Saber Council token
@Rocketeers  :  Server Boosters
@Shells  :  The Ad3v1s Community
@W3n Crew: Verified Wen Gif holders

8. What is the future of Ad3v1s?

・Upgrade/Evolution options for your Devils/Nephilims (parts, accessories), claim/free mint for upgrade/evolve chips.
・Second Drop : Robots called "Nephilim"
・Second Drop Whitelist: AD3v1s Devils (S1) holders, Cute Dudes S1/S2 holders, & WEN Gif holders. (Quantity required to be whitelisted TBA)
・Physical merch (possibilities: toys, shirts, deskmats, artisan keycaps, etc). Owner-exclusive or profit-sharing.
・Expanded lore or a graphic novel.

More info on the Roadmap page.

9. Policy IDs:

・60a75d4bfee53ebe583679faed1fba8a8921abfd685dbc76e313032a (Devils)
・55da5e77b76de3feab18ae6f359cab1481cb477b0301adfa5798d976 (Saber Council)
・74b654fe31b15ea061ccede377cb9cf94bdb501b18a5ac1665c8d44d (Microchips)
・37efa59238a637e9d966df17261f47c2e65666d3c4e8f01da6824a15 (WEN)


Some details may still be subject to change.

Team Contributions:

- Signature pieces design

Artcade JL
- Signature pieces

- Signature pieces
- Trait designs/drafts
- website background

- Signature pieces
- Wen gifs
- Hair renders
- Trait designs/drafts
- Website animated banner
- Adal1ne character design
- Initial Twitter banner
- Art direction

- Signature pieces
- Trait designs/drafts
- Wen gifs

- Signature pieces
- Trait designs/drafts

- Signature pieces
- Trait designs/drafts

- Signature pieces

Chk Dsk
- Signature piece

- Website proofreading/copyrighting
- Lore writing

- Signature pieces
- Signature design render
- Wen gifs
- Trait designs/drafts, final renders
- Art direction
- Final web design/development
- Discord & Socmed management
- Team management
- Lore plot
- Metadata

Neo Zeong
- Minting
- Metadata
- Website developer
- Project planning

- Discord management
- Discord mods management
- Community management
- Project collabs
- Project planning

- Discord management
- Tests and final image building/randomization
- Metadata

- Discord mod

- Discord mod

- Discord mod

- Initial web design/development

* To be updated
* Some listed are no longer active in their duties