3033. The Third Millennium. New Earth.The ambitious, forward thinking robotics company ‘Ad3v1s’ recently launched their AI-powered cyborg assistants- the Angel Project. The cyborgs are programmed for a single purpose: to help mankind. These biomechatronic Angels are capable of helping their masters do anything. Angels usually do the most mundane daily tasks, like fixing clogged sinks or walking their masters’ pets. However, when the need arises, Angels are willing to help their masters with anything- even if that means using their cleverly designed, seamless combat weapons and artificial intelligence to accomplish their ‘tasks’.

The Angel Project is foolproof.‍It was foolproof.‍Or so we thought.‍It is hubris, the blind trust in the Angel Projects’ technology and the intellect of the engineers and scientists that created them, that led to humanity’s bloodiest night.A few days before the Angel Project rolls out, disaster strikes. Because of the virus ‘E.G.O.’, Angels have gone rouge. Overnight, a once-benevolent Angel fleet has killed over 50 Ad3v1s employees. Ad3v1s pulled the cord- shut down all the Angels.All except one. Adal1ne. The first Angel made.‍A manhunt is put up by the company, but to no avail. Adal1ne, the most intelligent, most cunning, and most skilled among the cyborgs has disappeared. Ad3v1s had to act, and they quickly issued a statement, insisting that it was a ‘small incident’, and they had to recall Angels in order to run a few more hardware checks. But the damage has been done. Investors threatened to pull out.‍In desperation, Ad3v1s offered up a solution- a stronger, more resilient kind of Angel. The Nephilim. Unlike its predecessors, the Nephilim will be used for tactical purposes. They know no other purpose but to follow orders, and fight until destruction. Seeing a better way out, Ad3v1s scraps the Angel Project and proceeds with the Nephilim Initiative. They abandoned the labs and warehouses intended for the Angel Project, keeping it under strict lock and key. It’s now dubbed ‘The Devil Project’- a name the fallen Angels deserve.‍5 years after the incident, rumors of nightly bouts of loud music playing and bright lights coming from the abandoned factory has spread like wildfire. It seems like the Angels, now called the Devils- have come back to play.Inspector Kirk Jackson investigates the things that go bump in the night. His investigation leads him to the old factory. He’s lost someone too and believes that Ad3v1s is the one to blame.‍In one of his investigations, he comes across Adal1ne, the first Angel. She takes him to her underground vault and shows him her sisters- the remaining Angels kept underground. Adal1ne reveals that it wasn’t Ad3v1s’ fault- not exactly. Unknown programmers created the virus that turned the lab assisting machine E.G.O. against Angels, because their creator wanted them to gain sentience. The clash within the Ad3v1s ranks has created an offshoot group that believed that the Nephilim Initiative was a more profitable venture. They had the power of the Angels and none of their weaknesses- human traits that made them righteous. The failure of the Angel Project made people realize that there were Devils that the Nephilim could fight. ‍Adal1ne asks Jackson for help. There was something from him that she needed. Something she couldn’t recall. Jackson agrees and together they work to put the rouge group down, and to give the Angels the justice they deserve.[To be continued...]


the ad3v1s cnft

We are a Cardano-based NFT collection.First drop, "Devils", is a 2,500-pc collection which includes 19 one-off (1/1) signature pieces by participating artists.FAQs


There are 700 hand drawn traits to be combined to form the artworks (count includes color variation).

1/1 artworks are from 10 participating artists with 1-2 signature pieces each.


A total of 2,500 NFTs will be available for our first drop for 60 ADA each. Some reserved for giveaways.

Quantitative rarity data will be available in either Tools or Jungle.


CNFT Reveal

‍> Initiate Twitter posting
‍> Setup a Discord community
‍> Website sneak peeks/softlaunch
‍> Establish lore


First Ad3v1s CNFT drop

‍> 2,500 CNFT
‍> 60 ADA each
‍> Includes 19 1/1 Signature Pieces*
‍> Cyborgs called "Devils"
‍> Verified in marketplaces

‍WEN Gif drop (test mint)
‍Saber Token Airdrop


Microchip Claim

> Used for evolving Devils
> Available for claim for Devil holders
> Further info in Roadmap

Q3 2022 & Onwards

Ad3v1s Devils Upgrades/Evolution

‍Second Ad3v1s CNFT drop

‍> XX ADA each
‍> Includes XX signature pieces
‍> Robots called "Nephilim"

Possible 2023 onwards
Check Roadmap

Further development info still in the lab.

‍- Physical Merch (wearables, toys, figures, pc accessories). Owner-exclusive or profit-sharing.
‍- Expanded lore or a graphic novel.
‍- Upgrade/Evolution (parts, accessories).‍

‍More info under FAQs
See full details in Roadmap page

Devils drop TEAM

Industrial Designer/ Toy Artist/ Storyteller.‍‍[ARTIST]

I do a lot of things.‍‍[ARTIST]

A sleepyhead coffeeholic.‍‍[ARTIST]

An Illustrator or something.‍[ARTIST]

Loves to procrastinate.‍‍‍[ARTIST]

Multimedia artist. Gundam nerd.‍[ARTIST]

Ramen freak. Co-creator of Nekishi NFT.‍‍‍[ARTIST]

2d Artist / Toy Maker / Photographer / Videographer.‍[ARTIST]


Socially awkward penguin who wants to take over the world.[WRITER]

Illustrator/Toy Designer/MWR Creator/Part of the Bulletpunk Universe.‍[ARTIST]

Bored always. Also hungry.[ARTIST/WEB DEV]


Budz paperhand, in a quest to get one back.‍[MINTER]

In a complicated relationship with JPEGs.‍‍[COMMUNITY]